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What will you get?

  • 1:1 support with 24/7 text assistance for accountability

  • Fully customized workout program that starts at your current experience level and builds up each month

  • Fully customized nutrition plan that focuses on what you're eating now and gradually changes each month towards a healthier lifestyle without restriction and emotional eating

  • Mindset work that develops your character to allow you to actually develop the habits to stick to the process so you can complete the workouts and eat healthier

  • Full access to the training app


Who is this NOT for?

  • You are not dedicated or have the desire to be

  • You are not coachable

  • You want a quick fix

  • You have no desire in investing in your health


Who is THIS for?

  • You are really struggling to lose fat, get strong, and sculpt your body

  • You know you need a clear-cut plan with the proper strategy for your workouts and nutrition

  • You want accountability and extra motivation to stay on track

  • You want to truly make this a lifestyle change

  • You are tired of being held back because of your physical health

  • You want to overcome the food cravings once and for all

  • You understand that investing now for at least 6 months will save you thousands later down in life

  • You will be dedicated and truly want to achieve a transformation

  • You want to show up powerfully and confident AF in anything, anywhere you are


What about the investment?

  • Details are fully listed here: Work with Rora Fit

  • We need to know that we are 100% suited to help you and you'll be 100% dedicated to the coaching program

  • We don't want your money if we can't help you and we don't want to work with people who aren't truly ready


What if I don't have any money?

  • We offer payment plans to be flexible


Will the workouts be too hard to fit into my schedule or complete?

  • Not at all, your program starts at your current fitness level and move up from there - that's why this is customized

  • All workouts will be catered to the time frame and amount of days you can feasibly adhere to

  • Workouts can be tailored for at home or in the gym


Will this work if I have a nutritional restriction?

  • Yep! All diet styles from vegan to vegetarian to eatanythingatarian are easy to work with


What if I need help with my form?

  • All exercises will have video instructions on how to complete them

  • If you need form help, you can record yourself for form feedback


Why not just get an in-person trainer?

  • In-person training is mainly focused on workouts and that's it - show up for an hour and go home

  • You can't develop a lifestyle change by relying on in-person training only because after your sessions are up you haven't developed a true sense of self-accountability which you do with online coaching

  • You need to learn how to actually change your habits for the long term


Why not just get a cheap workout plan?

  • You could, but that doesn't solve the real issue

  • The real issue is getting you to do the workouts and sticking to it

  • Coaching will help develop your character to help you actually do the workouts and stick to something without falling off like you always do


What if I only want a coach for a month?

  • You want a quick fix, not a coach

  • The preferred minimum commitment is 3 months

If you have any other questions, let me know below.

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